ICT Technologies Curriculum

Explore the Telecommunication Network
  • Introduction of mobile network development (Network evolution from 1G to 5G)
  • Introduction of fixed network development (Network evolution from PSTN to xPON)
Discover the Telecommunication Network Service
  • Introduction of the service in the mobile network (including mobile network architecture, entity function, processing of voice and data services)
  • Introduction of the service in the fixed network (including fixed network architecture, processing of voice/data/IPTV services)
Open ROADS to a Better Connected World
  • Discuss the challenges we face now
  • Understanding ICT concept and outlook of the future
On the Cloud (Cloud Computing & all Cloud Solution)
  • Cloud computing and cloud computing services brief introduction
  • Cloud-based wireless network introduction (Cloud RAN, Cloud AIR)
  • Cloud-based core network introduction (NFV)
  • Cloud-based bearer network introduction (SDN, CloudMetro, CloudBackbone)
Discussion on AI
  • A brief introduction of Big Data
  • Discussion on Big Data advantage and the relationship between Big Data and AI
  • What’s AI?
  • Introduction of AI key learning methods
  • Discussion on AI future
Motivation & Industry Trend of 5G
  • Discussion on the motivation of 5G
  • Introduction of 5G( Key KPIs, network deployment options, application scenarios)
  • Introduction of IoT (IoT technologies, NB-IoT solution, IoT case study)
A Glance through Huawei Wireless Solution
  • Macro/Micro/Pico base station product introduction
  • Network equipment on-site checking (eNodeB, gNodeB, Router, Cloud EPC)
How to Build a 4G and 5G Base Station?
  • Introduction of 4G base station data configuration (procedure and principal)
  • Introduction of 5G base station data configuration (procedure and principal)
A Voyage to Huawei’s Enterprise BG (Exhibition Hall visit)
  • This exhibition hall shows Huawei’s Enterprise business and how to bring the digital world into every organization, including Smart City, Better Connected Transport, Smart Grid, Better Connected Oil & Gas, Digital Banking, Huawei Digital Transformation, OpenLab and Modular Data Centre
Do It Yourself! Configure your own 4G & 5G base station
  • 4G & 5G base station data configuration practice
Verify 4G & 5G Platform and Services
  • 4G & 5G data service speed test
Sailing Through Huawei’s Carrier BG (Exhibition Hall visit)
  • The exhibition hall is divided into 3 zones – 5G is On, Innovation for New Growth and AI Enables Intelligent Operation

Chinese Language & Culture Curriculum (BLCU)

Comprehensive Chinese
  • Introduction of the basic structure of Chinese (pinyin and Chinese characters)
  • Learn Chinese initials, rhymes and tones
  • Learn how to make brief self-introduction
  • Learn numbers, gestures, how to shop using Chinese money, how to pay the bill at the restaurant
  • Learn adjectives, verbs, measure words and how to make sentence in Chinese
  • Learn Chinese good, Chinese song and how to introduce classmates
Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
  • Introduction of the origin and development of calligraphy
  • Tools and materials of Chinese calligraphy (4 treasures of the Chinese study)
  • Understand Chinese character stroke, order and writing rules
  • Calligraphy exercise
  • Basic theory of Taiji and Yin & Yang
  • Converse breath training
  • Warm up exercise
  • Taiji performance

Huawei Technologies

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, is the world’s largest telecom infrastructure producer and one of the world’s leading innovators. We have consistently been in the top 5 patent application companies across all sectors, are ranked 70 on Interbrands Top 100 Best Global Brands and 72 on Forbes Fortune Global 500 list.

Our ICT solutions, products and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world's population. Globally Huawei has 180,000 employees with 80,000 engineers in our 16 global R&D centres around the world. We recruit between 6,000 – 10,000 new graduate trainees annually – more than any other company in our sector. In Australia, Huawei has delivered safe and secure services for 15 years, works with all the major telecommunications providers, has 750 employees and is committed to enabling the future information society and building a better connected world.

We are passionate about the importance of science and innovation to deliver the products and services of tomorrow and, like you, we take seriously the role we play to foster a new generation of talent in Australia.