Seeds for the Future Sky has been developed as a 5 day format with 10 hours of mandatory participation and online learning. In addition there are elective subjects ranging from leadership to the digital economy and unlimited access to our online Chinese cultural program.

Day 1   Day 2   Day 3   Day 4   Day 5
Opening (1h30)     Technology Journey (1h)     Closing (1h30)
Core curriculum (5h): all students to complete the following courses
-WHO IS HUAWEI: company introduction + Virtual tour of the Gelileo exhibition hall, Songshan Lake, and Nanshan flagship store: 2h
-TECHNOLOGY: 5G Network: Connect the world, connect the future (1h) / Cloud Computing Cutting-edge Technology and Trends (1h) / AI: Building an intelligent future world (1h)
Elective Curriculum (1h): students choose the courses that suit their interests
-EXPERT TALK: introduction to Cyber Security (0.5h) / Digital Trade (0.5h) / Digital Economy (1h) / Industry Trends (1h)
-LEADERSHIP: introduction to Personal Leadership (1h)
Chinese culture: students have access anytime to the content
-VIRTUAL TOURS: visit of main Chinese scenic spots
-CHINESE COURSES: flexible online learning
Opening (1h30) The 1h30 live event is an opportunity to have all students “meet each other”, brief program objectives & outcomes and answer any questions.
Technology Journey (1h) Chinese tech companies such as Tencent and other third parties will conduct webinars on hot technology topics. Virtual visits included. We will also explore with foreign start ups operating in the Chinese ecosystem i.e French Tech, CBBC etc.
Core Curriculum (5h) 3 mandatory courses of 1h each must be completed before the closing event. Each pre-recorded video will last 30-min (a course may have two or more videos) and a quiz will be conducted at the end of each module. Students will be able to choose a level (basic/advanced) based on their own knowledge base.
Elective Curriculum (1h) In addition to the mandatory courses, participants can choose one extra course (or more!) based on their own interests. Topics (presented by either Huawei or an external expert) vary from leadership to the digital economy providing a great personal development oportunity!
Chinese Culture (unlimited) Chinese culture discovery remains a key feature of our program. Online leaning and virtual tours of iconic Chinese landmarks will be available at any time throughout the program. This enables flexibility for students to explore at their own pace. Live sessions with Beijing Language & Cultural University will be organized based on interest & availability.
Closing (1h30) Senior Huawei representatives will formally close the event during a live 1h30 final event. Participants will also have the opportunity for an informal exchange with their teachers.

Huawei Technologies

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, is the world’s largest telecom infrastructure producer and one of the world’s leading innovators. We have consistently been in the top 5 patent application companies across all sectors, are ranked 74 on Interbrands Top 100 Best Global Brands, 61 on Forbes Fortune Global 500 list and 10 on the Brand Finance Global 500.

Our ICT solutions, products and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world's population. Globally Huawei has more than 194,000 employees with 96,000 engineers in our 14 global R&D centres around the world. We recruit between 6,000 – 10,000 new graduate trainees annually – more than any other company in our sector. In Australia, Huawei has delivered safe and secure services for 16 years, works with all the major telecommunications providers and is committed to enabling the future information society and building a better connected world.

We are passionate about the importance of science and innovation to deliver the products and services of tomorrow and, like you, we take seriously the role we play to foster a new generation of talent in Australia.